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Tech Predictions 2011

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

First of all, happy new year :-).

Second of all, you may be reading this thinking “Man alive, this is quite late for the predictions.” and yes, you will be right, the 3rd year running I have done predictions, and its the first that I have posted them after the first few hours of Jan 1st (UTC). I am a failure, I apologise. More than 24 hours late, but ahhh well..

Anyways, last years predictions were, lets say debatable at best. But partly because they were so vague. This year may be better, may be as bad, let us see. I will do my review of last years 1 in a few days, but I wanted to get this years ones out first.

  1. There will be at least 1 upgrade to either ps3, 360 or wii at E3. Most likely will be the wii, as I think it is the 1 most needing an upgrade. We haven’t heard any rumours yet, but that makes this one more fun. PS3 will hopefully not, as it should have a long time left in it as we haven’t reached its potential yet (and I’ve only had 1 for a year…) 360 will probably get 1 next year.
  2. Google TV will have its Hero moment (arguably the point when android on phones became properly usable for everyday users). It will have a couple of upgrades, and actually start to be usable by normal people. This will then cause people to buy it, and make it useful and fun.
  3. We will drown in tablets and e-readers. The first colour e-reader will be released, and this will be kinda rubbish, cause the refresh rate will still be pretty crap. Better devices will not be released until 2012 (probably until after an Apple colour ereader, an i-nk-pad perhaps?).
  4. The Notion Ink Adam will be released? :-P
  5. New ipad, iphone and ipod touch (pretty obvious…) No macbooks this year though. They seem to be going off macbooks and releasing them with more than 1 year gap. They will slowly be turned into the ipad with a keyboard.
  6. Windows 8 will be announced, but will not be released till either the end of 2012, or beginning of 2013, but they will say beginning of 2012. It will look exactly the same, but will have great “security” features. Including, but not limited to, something “unhackable” and also a new “uncrackable” activation code system, that they seem to spend a lot of time on…
  7. Commercially available 4K tv. People start to hear about it, forget about 3D. Although, people will continue to say that the number of pixels I have just now is fine, thank you very much. But they will buy one eventually anyways…
  8. Android 2.4 and 3.0 will be released within the year.
  9. Canonical will continue alienating people and projects, and will continue on its mission to mac-ify the Linux desktop.
  10. Hulu will get off their backside and start their UK service. People celebrate…

Feel free to agree, disagree, moan, shout at me, tell me I’m getting boring, whatever. Thats what the comments form is for :-) I think I’ve found a middle ground between outlandishly crazy, and boringly predictable.

Video of the Week: TobyMac – Tonight

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Just had a listen to this album today, it is TobyMac’s new album, called Tonght. And this is my favourite song from it. It is also a very cool video, so I thought this could be my video of the week, and I’d let you all see it. Enjoy.

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Computer Common Sence: Is it truly common?

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I was inspired to write a blog post about computer security due to a number of things. The World’s Technology Podcast had a security episode a couple of weeks ago (and I got a mention last week actually because I emailed them about it), and also the news that there has been a piece of malware distributed on gnome-look.

This malware for debian based linux systems, I believe, required admin priviledges because it was distributed as a .deb file. The funny thing was, this isn’t a security flaw in linux. Well, I think it might be partly. Why don’t we have a system to allow .debs to be installed locally? That would get around this partly. It would mean it wouldn’t be installed by root, only by the user. This malware then had a script that ran and I’m not sure exactly what it did.

The point is, however, that it doesn’t matter how secure an operating system is, people will still get around the security really easily. And what is the reason for this? People. Human beings.

Now, I don’t think a computer I have had has EVER had a virus. Even when I was running Windows. Is this because I didn’t have the internet? Nah, don’t be silly…I’m posting to my blog now amn’t I? Was it because I’m such an amazing computer savvy person? Nah, at one point I hardly knew anything about computers. But I do have computer common sence.

There is a very common thing that people say…common sence is not common. Which is even more so true with computers. And so, for this reason, I decided to write a list of things to make your computer safe.

  • Run linux – this might sound like a stupid thing to say, but linux does have slightly better ways of dealing with these things, and as of just now there are hardly any viruses, etc on it.
  • Run a virus checker – even on linux and mac. It will serve you well. Yes, there aren’t many viruses yet, but there still are some. It only takes one to muck your computer up.
  • Only install from the repos of your linux distro – these have been checked by plenty of people and are safe and do not contain viruses, etc.
  • If you must run something that isn’t in the repos (very rare for most distros) then check it out properly before you install it. Talk to people, look at reviews. Think about whether it is reputable (the creator and the distributer).
  • Don’t download pirated software – not only because it is illegal and stupid, but because many viruses are contained within pirated software.
  • Dont just type in your password to give admin priveledges to everything – think about it. If you haven’t opened up your installer, then why are you being asked for a password? If you just opened up a file you downloaded and it wants your admin password, ask yourself why it wants it. Most programs DO NOT need your admin password.
  • Update as often as possible – there will often be important updates in these.

If you follow this advice, then your chances of getting viruses will be greatly decreased. Security is partly in the hands of the developers, but it is also hugely down to you. A normal user. If you get a virus, it is probably your fault.

Video of the Week: But…freecell

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Ok, this weeks video of the week is not actually called “but…freecell”, but it is my favourite quote from the video. This is a fantastic video. Yeah, ok, I don’t agree with everything in the video, but its still hilarous.

Oh, btw, there is quite a bit of swearing at the end. So, technically NSFW. Its only one word, just repeated quite a few times.

[edit] I forgot to say…don’t let Windows make you feel sorry for it. It had its day :P [edit]


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A few predictions from earlier in the year

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Ok, some of you may remember I put down my 10 predictions for the coming year. Well, a few of them have come true. Lets see…

2. Apple won’t wait till Christmas to release their new Iphone, which is what they said they will do. – Turns out I was right with this one. They have released the iPhone 3Gs already, halfway through the year
5. I will get my computer working again. – This one did happen, but I didn’t update you with it. I got my money back for my old motherboard, and bought a new one.
6.Google will release 2 more versions of their G range of phones, taking as long to release the source code as they did with the first version. – Turns out this one is right as well, with the release today of the HTC Hero
7. Canonical will make an increasingly stupid name for version 9.10 of Ubuntu. Kranky Kangaroo or something. – This one happened as well. As we all know, it is called Karmic Koala
10. Thunderbird 3.0 might get released…that would be nice…taking long enough. – This one might happen soon, as we currently have the Beta 2 of Thunderbird, and mozilla don’t do many betas (ha…)

So, looks like a very successful year for me so far in predictions. More to come people…

Dropbox, UbuntuOne? No? Ok…how bout Spideroak?

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Let me say before any of this – this is not an UbuntuOne rant, like everyone else seems to be doing over at Ubuntu Planet. It just so happened that I just found out about this today.

I have used dropbox for a while – I use it to share things between my Desktop and my uni laptop, and also as a sort of document backup thing. Now, this is all very well and good, but what if dropbox dies? (I know, very unlikely thing, but ya never know, you can never be too careful). Well…Canonical just released UbuntuOne. A cool new dropbox-esk thing.

There are a few problems with UbuntuOne. First of all…it currently runs only on Ubuntu. It can be packaged for, say, fedora or opensuse or something, but as far as I can see, noone has done that yet. Also, it doesn’t run on Windows or Mac, and although I don’t like them as operating systems, we still need to agree that they do actually exist, and we need to create apps for them. They are not my choice of OS, but isn’t diversity everything that Linux stands for? The choice? So we need something that will run on more than just Linux.

Second of all…and I know…this sounds like a pathetic thing to say, but the back-end is not opensource. Now, yes, one might say “Neither is Dropbox”, but dropbox don’t say they stand for freedom and opensource. Canonical have said that it would be easy to create a server very similar to UbuntuOne, because it is based on, I think they said iFolder, am not sure though.

In this case, why the heck is it closed? What is the point in closing it, if it is easy to put the exact same thing together? I do use some proprietry things (dropbox, nvidia drivers) but I object to a company saying “We do opensource” and having something closed. This is, IMHO, pathetic.

So, I’m not happy with UbuntuOne, so what will I use as my dropbox’s “backup”? Well, Paul Mellors posted about SpiderOak, a new dropbox-esk filesharing backup thingy.

So, I tried it out, and I’m very happy. I much prefer it to dropbox, in fact. First of all, you have none of this dropbox folder nonesence. That drives me insane. I don’t want to link everything to my backups, thats stupid. I want them to backup where they are, and SpiderOak does this. Which is brilliant.

SpiderOak, like dropbox, comes with a free 2GB (which is all I need for my documents and pictures just now) and has a paid 100GB service (and 200GB, 300GB etc etc) for $10 per 100GB that you want. As mentioned, this works out at under £7 per 100GB of space that you want. Not bad, one has to say. Better than dropbox anyway.

SpiderOak allows you to add as many computers as you want to your account (Windows, Mac, Linux) and just syncs whatever folders you want on all your computers, and puts them wherever you want. I think you can also choose NOT to sync specific folders with specific computers, but will have to test this out (Ooooo…I can feel a sequel post coming on).

Finally…it is not opensource, but they are going to opensource it soon, which is good. So…for everyone who wants a (soon to be opensource) alternative for Dropbox, but isn’t running Ubuntu (or doesnt want the limitations of UbuntuOne), but doesn’t have the money to spend on their own server, I would recommend this highly.

Video of the Week: Bumptop

Friday, February 20th, 2009
I haven’t done a Video of the Week for a while, so decided to give you another one. Enjoy this super fantastic, amazing, special great video, and get as excited as I am. I sooo can’t wait for this.

They are currently in Private Beta with the Windows version, working on the Mac version, and will start work on the Linux version soon.

Hope you enjoy this.

Microsoft decides what is best for you.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Ok, so I was doing a wee bit of research on Windows 7 (previously codenamed Vienna), the new version of Windows that is meant to come out in first quarter of 2010. (So…2013 then…). And I found a lot of interesting things about it. First of all, they will be introducing some more 3D stuff, which is annoying because soon I won’t be the only person in my uni lectures editing a word processor, then spinning round a sphere to my calculator, back again, then closing it all down in a big ball of fire.

But more importantly, I have once again heard something from Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft.

This is going to be the new taskbar for Windows (hmmm reminds me of a certain KDE kicker) which is radically different from even the one in Vista, never mind the old XP and 2000/98/95 style taskbar. Now, whether or not you think this is good is irrelevant because

“there will be no ability to enable the old taskbar since, in Microsoft’s opinion, the new taskbar’s leap in usability negates the need for a “less-able” option.”

What can I say? I am sorry for doubting you oh master of computers…what you say is correct…I will obey. I cannot be right about my personal opinions on what a taskbar should be like.

Goodness me, who are they and what gives them the right to tell me what my computer should be like? This is one huge reason why I turned away from windows in the first place. They say…it happens.

Another couple of interesting things about Windows 7 is that you can very quickly resize a window to half-maximised (ok, sounds fantastic…I will use that very often) and a number of programs (such as notepad) will incorporate the ribbon-style menu that Microsoft Office has been infected with.

Also, on a sidenote, Microsoft haven’t given up on their stupid I’m a PC ads yet. Look at what they have outside an Apple store. I’m not sure where exactly, but somewhere in America I believe. (Where else…)