Visions of the future

OK, so I just read the latest New Scientist magazine, and saw a competition that they had set up. Called “Visions of the Future”. The only thing annoyed me was the fact that it was in conjunction with Microsoft, however in general it is quite an interesting competition, and it got me thinking. Basically, they asked for you to send in what you think is going to happen with technology in the future.

So this got me thinking about what I think could happen with computing in the future. Now in the past few years, I’ve thought of a few ideas that I think will happen with computing, and then a while after thinking it, I saw things happening to show that it will happen.

For example, a few years ago I raved to everyone I know about how we are going to get wireless electricity. This way, we could have truly wireless laptops…with absolutely no cables if thats what you wish, then, my sister sent me a link showing me that wireless electrcity was actually in development, and it had been used to power a 60W lightbulb.

Then, last year I went really big with a idea that one day we will get an international wireless network…a bit like mobile phone network, but with better signal, and faster. Then, a few weeks ago, I read google’s blog, and they just announced that they were starting up a joint venture with a few companies to create an American-wide wireless network.

So basically its made me think a lot more about the future of computing and how far we’ve come.

If we take wireless electricity, throw in a renewable energy source so we don’t kill the world, add a pinch of international wireless network, use the booming mini-laptop industry and combine it all with IPv6 which is about to come out, and you can get nearly the whole world connected via the internet.

It just shows so much potential.