On the quest for Ubuntu replacement. Part 1: Fedora 9

Ok, so I had heard that the new version of Fedora came out, and I thought I would check it out, as I like to toy with new distros to see if anything can replace ubuntu for me.

So I got the latest edition of Linux Format, which contained a DVD containing Fedora 9.

I booted up the install, installed it onto my laptop, and booted it up. So, pros first

  1. Very fast boot time
  2. The sideways scroll on my touchpad worked
  3. Wireless worked out the box
  4. Nice default screen
  5. Still uses Gnome as default

And the cons

  1. Don’t like packagekit, the new package manager for it, so I installed YumEx…it works, but still not amazing
  2. Could not for the life of me, install ATI driver, and so couldn’t get compiz working
  3. It seemed to be missing quite a lot of default Bash commands, and I didn’t know why
  4. The network manager was a bit iffy…it would disconnect me every like 10 minutes

So, to be honest, I didn’t like it that much, the cons outweighed the pros, so I reverted back to Ubuntu. I’m still on the quest for an ubuntu replacement.