Flock - The Social Web Browser

Ok, so I recently found this fantastic web browser called Flock. Now, to be honest, it is very very like firefox, in fact it is based on firefox. Ok, it is firefox which has been edited. But the edits are fantastic, and really work.

This web browser has been created with people like me in mind. People that have joined almost every social networking site in the world, and don’t want to have all those loaded up in tabs all the time.

Flock includes a sidebar, which I then incorporate with the AIOS (All-in-one Sidebar) for Firefox. And the great thing is, you can use any normal Firefox addon as well. The built in sidebar gives you access to your Accounts, your RSS and ATOM feeds, your bookmarks, a blog editor, a media uploader, a web clipboard and a people’s status updates etc. If you add AIOS (like I have) you can also have your addons, bookmarks, history, downloads, and the source for the website, as options for the side bar.

On the right, you can see a screenshot of, almost, the default layout of the flock browser, with the “My World” page open, the sidebar on the “People” option, and the media bar on the top open. On the left, you can see my view of Flock, with the Sidebar on “People”, all my sidebar options on the AIOS bar, a black theme, on the “My World” page.

To be honest, this browser will not interest anyone who does not use Social Networking sites, however if someone was like me, and was infact a member of almost every social network on the planet, then it would be amazing.

Currently, Flock has support for adding your Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Pownce, Twitter, Youtube, Photobucket, Picasa, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, Typepad, WordPress, Xanga, del.icio.us, Magnolia, AOL Mail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, along with any self-hosted blog you have. I also believe that Myspace and Bebo support is in the pipeline now that they both have an API to work with, but not sure when they will be implemented, apart from the fact that on the forum it is stated that Myspace will be sometime this year, which will be great.

The accounts that I have that they currrently don’t support are – Myspace, Bebo and identi.ca. If/when they implement these accounts, I will have all of my social networking in my browser.