I haven’t been on for a while, because I have been setting up my new computer. Took me a while, but I’ve mostly got there. I’m now just annoyed at the fact that I got such a new motherboard. A couple of things on it aren’t completely compatable with linux yet. I’m told Ubuntu 8.10 should sort these out, but we’ll see.

Just now, my sound doesn’t work properly, because I hear a crackling out the speaker. And my graphics driver doesn’t work with the drivers yet. Why O Why must I be so cutting edge. Means I can’t run Compiz yet. Ach well.

Anyways…on with the computer

Nvidia 8200 motherboard, with 8200 graphics card, 7.1 surround sound, hdmi output as well as DVI and VGA outputs, quad-core 4×2.6 AMD processor, 4GB RAM, upgradeable to 8GB, 20 GB IDE harddrive, 250GB Sata HD (once it gets support for the Sata controllers on my MB), 500 GB external HD. And currently I’m running Ubuntu 8.04, but I’m going to run Fedora, openSuse, etc, to see if I can get stuff to work.

Watch this space.