IBM don't like Microsoft anymore.

Ok, so I just read in Linux Format for this month, that IBM have spoken out saying that they are going to be working with linux based companies (Canonical, Novell, Red Hat) and some hardware vendors (doesn’t specify what) to work towards creating a “World without windows”.

Basically, they said that they didn’t like Windows Vista, and that a lot of customers have been asking for linux computers. They mention the fact that Sub-notebooks (Asus EEE PC, Dell E, Webbook) have linux on them by default is another reason that they have decided this.

One thing that IBM has created recently is “Lotus Symphony”. Now, I have yet to try this out, but basically it is described as “giving an Office 2007-esque Ribbon controller”. So its like Office 2007? Not sure whether that is a good thing or not, but if it is a way of taking people off Microsoft Office and onto…I’m happy. I don’t think I will like it myself, but then thats one of the things I love about open source – the choice.