Ubuntu: "I am because we are"

…the strap line on a bottle of Ubuntu Cola.

Ubuntu cola is a carbonated drink by Fairtrade and Ubuntu Trading. In honour of Software Freedom day, I bought a bottle of Ubuntu Cola.

Ok ok, really its got absolutely nothing to so with SFD, I just had walked past it so many times and thought “hmmm…wonder if it tastes good…”

So today, I thought “ya know…why not” and I spent the overly priced £1.10 500 ml bottle of Ubuntu Cola.

And I can officially say…it tastes exactly like coke…

Well…that was great. Ahh well…thats all I have to say about it. Cool name…but its just coke. I mean, why do so many companies have to copy coke? I mean…just because one company did it doesnt mean it’ll work for you. Try something else. Don’t try and copy someonme else.

Ahh well…I’m off to kill my teeth safe in the knowledge that a farmer in Africa is getting a wee bit more money than if I had bought Coke. Thats nice isn’t it. Well…I never actually buy Coke…so really I’m not that fussed…I just wanted to see what it was like.

Has anyone else ever drank Ubuntu Cola? I’d like to hear your views.