A few wee random things

Ok, I’ve been seeing lots of cool things that I think “I need to blog bout that” and then I forget…so I’ll prob post a few posts in the next day or 2. This one, is just a few wee things.

  1. I have started uni properly now, and as usual, I have had to try and hack some things. I managed to get my webdrive (a drive on the uni network) to mount onto my laptop and desktop. I’m having a few wee problems with permissions and stuff…but I’m sure I’ll still get there. I’m also working on trying to get my Uni email into Thunderbird. The head of the IT department told me there is a pop service somewhere, but it isn’t documented…so I’m trying my luck at that.

  2. The new Dell Inspiron Mini (Dells sub-notebook range) are available with Ubuntu for £30 cheaper than the windows version in Britain. It is available for $40 cheaper in USA, and I believe they are cheaper in France or somewhere near there. Apart from that, they are mostly just Windows.

  3. I installed Ubuntu on my girlfriend’s laptop…more about that in a post later.

  4. I have finally got around to testing Songbird 0.7 (the first public beta) and I have to say I very muchly like it. They seem to be very much on target for the 1.0 release by the end of the year…and the progress they have made excites me to no end. I also like the changes to the UI (although the default colours aren’t to my taste) but I like the new default layout. I love the way you can change even where the buttons and stuff are with a simple add-on.

  5. I did say I would keep you up to date on my Browser situation. I have grown quite attached to Flock, and can’t see myself migrating back to Firefox. To be honest, it’s not really the Social Networking that does it really that much for me…its more the ease of use of the RSS reader. I do use the Social Networking stuff…and would like it if they added Myspace and Bebo support…but the main thing for me is the RSS reader.

  6. I have finally organised my podcasting. To be honest, I couldn’t be bothered with any big library software to be open all the time just to have my podcasts…so I started using GPodder. There are a few things I don’t like about it, such as the fact that it doesn’t automatically sync with my MP3 player, I have to press a button for it to do that..and also, I don’t want it to wait a day to delete listened to podcasts. I want them deleted straight away. Apart from that, its great.

I think thats everything for this post. As I said earlier, I will post with my thoughts on Ubuntu on my girlfriend’s laptop…but I’m not sure when I’ll get that up.