Ubuntu 8.10 beta i386

My thoughts on the new beta of Ubuntu…

well first of all, it took me 3 boots off the live cd to actually get it to load up. I’ve no idea why or anything, it just would hang. The 3rd time it booted fine though. I am booting it off the real installation as we speak. I have to say, it just boot really quickly. I started it when I started this blog and it’s already up.

I have installed it onto my Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 laptop, and once I’ve finished with what I think of it, I’ll try it on my quad-core desktop, cause I saw someone saying they need a lot of testers for 64-bit versions, so I’ll have a look on that.

Ok…first of all, I notice that it no longer needs a proprietry driver for its ATI graphics card..which it always has done before. Compiz was working off boot straight away…and that is cool. One thing I don’t really understand is I thought the “new human” theme was going to be the default theme? But it isn’t. Ahh well…so I changed it to the new human theme, and I have to say I love it. Maybe not quite as dark as I might like, but its great having a dark theme that seems to jsut work. Like there haven’t been any bits of writing anywhere that haven’t shown up yet. I’m just going to go test some places where I can’t see anything with some dark themes…

Obviously, I am hoping that Ooo3 will get into the final 8.10. I’m not sure whether there has been a decision about that yet…but we will see.

To be honest, on my laptop everything is just working so far. If anything changes I will post about it, but everything just works…I’m probably going to try it on my desktop now. Lets see if it can handle my motherboard…lol