Want a world without walls...?

Well according to Microsoft, this is what Windows gives you.

A little bit from this:


says “he thing that gets us out of bed every day is the prospect of creating pathways above, below, around and through walls.”

and then, if you click on the link that says “The possibilities” you get another little blurb

“With Windows on your mobile phone, PC, or the web, walls begin to disappear—at home, at the office, and anywhere in between.”

‘A world without walls’ seems to be Windows new motto. Which is funny. Cause to be honest, if you have a world without walls (as the usual open-source speech goes) there is no need for Windows.

I just find it funny that the biggest proprietary program in the world is trying to make us believe that they are getting rid of walls? I’m sorry…but that is pathetic. Its the complete opposite of what they do. They put up walls.