Slow HD

I’ve found something quite amusing.Have you ever seen those adverts for Sky Plus HD. And I don’t mean the billboards. I mean the TV adverts. Have you ever noticed that they all slow down. They go in slow motion. I’ve been trying to right this next sentence for about 5 minutes and I just can’t get the right words. Finally got there. I don’t see how they can make it look so much better on the advert, on a standard definition TV to make us buy Sky HD. I’m not saying it does look better. It is just slow. But they seem to think that 1. Slowing it down will give us more detail and make us want to buy it. 2. They can make it look like HD on an SD TV. I don’t think I’ve explained myself properly, but yeah, thats all I’m gonna try, because I’ll just annoy myself if I try more.