Songbird Listens!

It always is fantastic to have a coorporation who actually listen to you.The developers of Songbird have released what they want to do for the next stable version of Songbird. Now, this, in itself, isn’t amazing. What is amazing is that they have listened to what users have said on [GetSatisfaction]( I looked through the list, and around about half of them were actually on my own list I made [a while ago on my blog]( Read their blog [here]( In other media related news, I have heard of a cloud-based media player, [mediaZoo](, which, although controversial, sounds interesting. I have applied for private beta testing, and am awaiting the reply. If I do get into it, I shall blog the results of what I see. It sounds very very interesting. I will be posting another post sometime soon, on the new year, and tech in the next wee while, but I’ve not finished thinking about my predictions yet.