Tech Predictions

Right, ok, so its that time of year when everyone tries to say what they think will happen with tech in the next year/few years.

Now, I don’t know why people keep doing this…because they are almost always wrong. Let me give you a few examples.

Bill Gates 1982 – “640K is more memory than anyone will ever need”
PC World in 2000 – “Within 3 years we will have PDA and phone batteries that last a year, like watch batteries.”
Alan Sugar 2005 – “Next Christmas, the ipod will be kaput”

If you want more you can go here

So…the question we all ask is…why on earth do we do it?
I have an answer…because its fun.

I am not expecting anything I say to be correct…but at this point in time this is how I feel it will go this year.

  1. Microsoft will postpone their deadline for Windows 7. (Currently at 3rd quarter of this year)
  2. Apple won’t wait till Christmas to release their new Iphone, which is what they said they will do.
  3. 10000 people will once again say that this is the year of linux.
  4. This will be the year of linux.
  5. I will get my computer working again.
  6. Google will release 2 more versions of their G range of phones, taking as long to release the source code as they did with the first version.
  7. Canonical will make an increasingly stupid name for version 9.10 of Ubuntu. Kranky Kangaroo or something.
  8. We will see the start of the silicon -> something else switchover, near the end of the year.
  9. Google will release a desktop OS, because they don’t have one yet.
  10. Thunderbird 3.0 might get released…that would be nice…taking long enough.
  11. 3d desktops will become all the rage, and noone will believe linux users when they say we’ve had the cube for 6 years.

Ok, these are my predictions. If I think of anymore, I will put them in, but I will post one at the end of the year discussing what was right, and what was wrong.

Maybe I’ll be quoted as one of the top 30 worst predictions ever. Nah…that crown belongs to the people in the link above.