Stealing an athiest sign

Right, I am glad I left this till today to put out my thoughts into my blog. My thoughts have changed because I realised different things.

First of all I thought that there wasn’t really any need for the sign to be where it was, when it was. But someone pointed out to me that the sign was actually nothing to do with the nativity scene. It was, in fact, on the other side of the hall.

So all-in-all I think the news report was a waste of time. There was no reason to steal the sign.

I think that we delve into dangerous waters when we start stealing signs. What is to stop people tearing down every Alpha billboard or every whatever else we have? We are turning into hypocrytes when we do this, and it is pathetic.

The news report is also pathetic. Just some of the things that they say just really do not help anything.

I could continue to ramble on…but I don’t think that would help.