Crunchbang Planet

Just thought I would introduce myself to the Crunchbang Planet.

My name is Alistair McKinlay, I am an Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering student at Strathclyde Uni in Glasgow. I have been using Linux almost exclusively for around 3.5 years, and I am hooked. I was addicted to Gnome with Compiz, but I agreed to a bet to use something else for a month. This was when I heard the Linux Outlaws talking about #!, and thought I would try it.

Since then, I have become obsessed with openbox, and #! in general. I think it is amazing the amount of control you have with openbox, and I just find it sooooo great to just play around with it. I also think that #! in general is the most friendly distro I have come across. Everyone is so welcoming and always keen to help.

In my spare time, I help at a couple of youth clubs at my church, and I try and fit in some guitar-playing and some book-reading in amongst the configuring of my computer, and trying to learn some python.

I am also a Christian, and I may post some things to do with that now and again. I do believe that God exists, and I believe his son, Jesus, came to earth to save us for our sins. Now, you may not believe that, and I am up for any discussions you may have on the issue, but I do not like shouting matches, nor name calling.

I hope that you enjoy my blogging. It is my thoughts, my annoyances, my everyday stuff, my life essentially. If you find it boring, tell me. If you find it funny, tell me. If you agree with me, tell me. If you disagree with me, tell me. If you don’t like me and you wish I wasn’t born…keep that to yourself. Nah, I’m only joking :P. Tell me whatever you think about them. I want you to.