3 cheers for Sony

Now, you normally won’t hear me saying good things about any big companies. Its not actually that they have done anything good anyways. Allow me to explain.I, obviously, use linux. And this, no doubt, makes people ask me questions. One such person is a guy who is on the same Uni course as me. He asked questions, and this led me to telling him that linux is fantastic, free, etc etc etc. This obviously impacted on him, and today he told me that he installed Ubuntu 8.10 from a WUBI. Obviously, I was pleased, so I asked to see his laptop to see what it was like. Apart from being kinda slow to start up, it was very pleasing. I assume the slow starting up was because it was going through 2 bootloaders, and stuff. He told me that he had installed compiz, and this made me very shocked, as this implies his graphics card was automatically detected and installed with an Open-source driver. Because as far as I know, Ubuntu does not install anything proprietry without actually asking you. Specifically with drivers. So, he turned it on, asked me to turn it into a cube, and I did, thus proving that it installed open-source drivers that can handle open-gl. Score 1. Second of all, I realised that it had automatically connected to the Uni wireless. I asked him if he had installed anything or if it had just worked. The answer – it just worked. Score 2. Next, I installed and booted up Cheese to see if his webcam worked. It did. Score 3. Finally, I asked if his sound was working. It was. Score 4. So, all in all, a very good effort on all accounts. I know Sony probably didn’t have much to do with this, but it is good because I assume that most Sony Viaos will work pretty much the same way with Ubuntu. We now have a new happy Linux user. Granted he hasn’t entered the command line yet…but it’ll come. Don’t worry.