Windows easier than Linux?

First of all, I’m annoyed because I typed it all out and then clicked a close button. Stupid scribefire. It needs a thing which automatically saves. Grrr. Anyways, on with the blog…Who ever said that Windows is easier than Linux. I’ll tell you who…someone who has never installed Windows without it being preinstalled. Anything is easy when you do that. Even Slackware would be easy as an OEM. So, I set up a new computer at my church (and before you say something Steven ![:P]( I didn’t do it alone), and tried to install Windows on it. Started it up off the cd, and it went through the motions of formatting, and copying over the install files. It rebooted, and went through the motions of installing…well until it got half-way through and crashed. So I restarted the computer and it tried to install again…and crashed. Tried again…and it crashed again. This time tho, it didn’t start back into the files it had copied over, so I had to go back to the cd. 2 more tries, and it finally installed it. Thank goodness, 4 hours installing and its finally there. Should be plain sailing from there, yeah? Ha…no. Course not. So, I installed a couple of programs, then decided I wanted a driver for my Graphics Card, as I wanted it to run at a decent speed. Ha, silly me, wanting a graphics driver. I went to the ATI website, downloaded the apropriate driver, and executed the executable. (Remember those things, ex-windows users…). It installed, and all seemed to go well, until I rebooted, and was told that my system was corrupt. Sorry…? Installing a Graphics Driver corrupted the registry??? Man alive…thats insane. I have never seen something like that…I mean yes, occaisionally if you have a wonky card, or install the wrong driver, X won’t start, and you just have to uninstall it, and install a different one, and then it’ll all work. But corrupting the registry? Geez. So, whoever said that Windows is easier than Linux, should install it from scratch.