Geeky ways things.

2 things for this blog.1. I will be adding a new regular feature to my blog. “Geeky ways to…do things”. These will be random geeky things that will take you 10 times longer to do than normal, cost you 10 time more than normal, and be 10 times as harder to do than normal. But will earn you millions of geek-points. These will have the title “Geeky ways to…” and then whatever the thing is. This leads me on to my second point for the blog. 3. My blog will also get an organisational facelift. So far in my mind to do, I am going to have my titles a lot easier to navigate. Most of my blogs will have a general start of title. Such as the “HowTO:” “Review:” “Video of the Week:” “Geeky ways to…” and the super secret “Rant:”.I am going to set up a wee list a the side of my blog which will allow you to see all the posts in any of my features (which just now only sits at “Video of the Week” and will very soon include my new “Geeky ways to…do things” as well as all of my general Title Starters.” So yeah, I shall update you when I manage one of theses things. Granted, not a lot of them actually take much to do, but I don’t have much time with everything that I am doing.