A couple of predictions...and a bit of news.

Ok, the predictions first. I predicted 2 things earlier in the year.

  1. That there would be 2 HTC android-based phones released this year
  2. That I would get my computer fixed.

Let me first of all say that number 2 should come true this week. I sent a letter to the company that is “fixing” my motherboard, and I recieved a phone call today saying they would refund me the money within the next 2 days. For anyone who doesn’t know, this company has had my motherboard for 2 months now, and have been saying it is being fixed everytime I email them. This is a great thing, because it finally means I can get my computer up and running soon.

Second of all, my prediction about the android-based HTC phones is going to be half true in May. In May they will release the HTC Magic. It is basically the G1 without a physical keyboard. I have not found anything else new about it. And nothing good new about it. Ach well…such is life.

Last of all…my news. I have recently come into possession of a Sega Megadrive, and when I get a few of my old games back, I will be rocking the retro. Woop! This leads me on to say that I am now going to try and build up a collection of lots of retro gaming systems (NES, atari, n64, gamecube, whatever) so if you happen to have one that you don’t use anymore…I’ll be happy to take it off your hands :P. Currently I only have the PS2 and the megadrive…but you have to start somewhere eh :P.

Now I’m off to study for my Physical and Organic Chemistry test on Friday. Yes, I was studying, I’m just having a wee break.