Ogg? Flac? Anything other than Mp3??? Please???

So, I recently used the most recent version of Songbird (1.1) and tried the 7digital music store in it. Now, 7digital actually has mp3s with a very high capture rate – 320. This is double iTunes music. However…my call for other music formats seems like its still being ignored. Let me state this in plain English to any record companies/music stores/musicians:

I will not buy your music if I can only get it in Mp3 format.
Is it an unreasonable request to ask for something else to be available? Flac? Ogg? Hey…even Wav. Infact, if I could download in Wav, I would be ecstatic…then I could just convert it to Flac and Ogg.So, some of you may be saying “hey…whats wrong with Mp3s?” Let me explain for each reason that I have. - Patents Mp3s are patented. This means that you cannot play Mp3s without a licence from whoever has the patent (hmmmm…I wonder) . Now, most people will not care about this, because Windows and Mac (and RHEL and SEL) all come with Mp3 licences and codecs installed (as well as DVDs, WMA, WMV, etc…). This means that the average user has already paid for the licence by buying the operating system. I, however, use Crunchbang Linux. This is a free operating system which does not come with Mp3 licences as it is free. This means it is illegal for me to play Mp3s on my computer without buying a licence. I do not want to pay to listen to music I have just paid for… - Lossy codecs Ok, I am going to explain this in layman’s term…so geeks…phase out. There are 2 types of media codecs (the type of music file you play). Lossy and lossless. Lossless – Wav, Flac. These are completely uncompressed music files and have full CD quality. This means they should sound the same as a CD. Lossy – Mp3, Ogg, Wma. These are compressed music files which do not have the full CD quality. They are measured by the capture rate of the file, and the bigger the number, the better the quality. Now, to most people, you could not really tell the difference between these 2 types of files. This is not the problem I have. My problem is, I have my music in Flac (for playing on my computer), Mp3 (for my mp3 player) and Ogg (for my laptop). If I were to take an Mp3 and convert it into Flac or Ogg, it would lose a LOT of quality, and would sound terrible. You should NEVER convert from a Lossy codec. You can convert from a lossless codec…this is fine. So…these are my 2 reasons for wanting something else. So…music industry are you out there? I don’t want Mp3 downloads…I want something better. And until you do that, I will continue to buy CDs. ***EDIT*** Ok, it seems that the mp3 patent thing is a little bit more hazy than I origionally thought. I would like to thank [drochaid](http://www.calummorrell.com) for linking me to this – [http://www.out-law.com/page-7836](http://www.out-law.com/page-7836). Basically it seems that, although the patents do exist in Britain, after this court case, it would be very hard to sue someone for using mp3s without a licence, in the UK. That being said, my point that it is technically illegal to play mp3s without a licence still stands, its just the chances of anything happening are tiny. (btw, my point about mp3s being not as good as ogg vorbis also still stand)