A sad day in the history of computers.

Today is a sad day, as my title says, in the history of computers, the internet, etc. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well…because an injustice happened in Sweden. A group of 4 people who did nothing more illegal than Google’s creators and several hundred employees do all the time.

The Pirate Bay’s creators were today sentenced to 1 year in jail each, and a fine of around about 3.6M Euros, for “Assissting making available copyright materials”. Basically, they have been sentenced because they have their websites which provides links to lots of copyrighted materials (like films, music, etc) as well as lots of Creative commons, and non-copyright materials.

They have done nothing different to Google. I can find soooo much illegal stuff on Google…but yet, noone is trying to sue them.

So this is a very sad day because a great injustice has been done. They are going to appeal, and I soooo hope they get it, because they have not done anything more illegal than any other search engine of any sort.