Nokia 5800 Firmware Update

I am currently really annoyed with O2 and Nokia (not sure which is more to blame, each blames the other one). First of all, can I say I am ecstatic with my new Nokia 5800 that I got yesterday on contract with O2 (600 minutes, 2000 texts, unlimited 02-02 calls, unlimited data) for £20 a month. I think it is better than the iphone. The touchscreen works really well, the music quality is fantastic (even through the onboard speakers…it is really clear and loud), most of the default apps work really well, and there seems to be a reasonable range of 3rd party apps around the internet.

I will do a more detailed review of it in a few days, this is just a rant about the fact that my phone’s firmware is stuck at v11.0.009 (also…such a stupid numbering scheme) even though v20 was released on 9th April, and Nokia have started deploying v21.

I have done a bit of research and found that on O2 phones, you cannot update the firmware to v20 yet, even though you can on almost every other platform. However, when asked, O2 replies and says that they ok’d the firmware a while ago and it is Nokia’s fault that we cannot get it.

Now, yes, it is not a case of life and death that I can’t get the latest firmware, but I think it is pathetic that we can’t get the best out of our phones just because O2 decide we aren’t allowed to.

All in all, it is a great phone, but I’d love to be able to use the features I should be able to do.

Finally, if anyone has heard of any really cool 5800 apps, shoot them my way.