RANT: Madonna...trying to adopt a child in Malawi, while in New York.

I have been trying not to blog about this for a few days now, but I’ve given in when I heard something else today about this. Let’s get the background first…

Madonna adopted a child from Malawi a few years ago. Illegally might I add. The Malawian law says that one has to have lived in Malawi for 18 months before one can adopt a Malawian child. Madonna, however, managed to get this child even though she had never lived in Malawi.

Now, Madonna wants to adopt another Malawian child, and when she tried first of all, the judge (rightfully) said no, not until she has lived there for 18 months. Adhering to the law. Now, however, she has gone and decided to appeal the decision. Her lawyer is saying that “The best interests of the child should be put first.” Which I agree with, which means that Madonna should not be allowed to adopt her.

Today, I heard that last night Madonna was at some art festival. So far, the length of the appeal, Madonna hasn’t even been in Malawi.

I am sorry, but, first of all – the law is the law. Madonna shouldn’t be allowed to circumvent the law. Second of all – why the heck should she be allowed the child if she won’t even go to the country herself. She would rather spend her time at an art festival. I’m sorry, but if Madonna ever gets this child, then I feel sorry for the child. It deserves better than a Mother who would rather go to an Art Festival than try and get her child.