Rant: Apple, our saviour!!!

I just found this link http://tinyurl.com/lwy2fb – before, I describe things in it, go read it. Go on.

Now, lets see, where shall I start? The title…”Apple Saves Twitter Universe From Twitpocalypse”. Sorry, no, they didn’t. They fixed 1 app. That is all. They didn’t save the “Twitter Universe” at all. Twitter worked perfectly fine, so did twitterfox, and loads of other apps.

Reports warned that Twitter would allegedly stop working once the number of tweets surpassed 2,147,483,647

Not quite…Twitter worked fine. It is some twitter apps that stopped working, because of the number of bits they used to count the tweets.

Apple rose to the occasion in epic fashion to push through approval of the crucial Twitterrific update in record time.

I’m sorry, but it is not record time. If i remember correctly, the flaw was recognised a few weeks ago, and was steadily getting bigger and bigger as it got nearer to the time. There are plenty of twitter apps that pushed updates to fix twitpocalypse BEFORE it happened. Not 17 hours afterwards.

Meanwhile, the rest of the anxious Twitterverse tweeted news of the impending 2.0.2 update submission over and over again ad nauseum, with hundreds of Twits repeating the exact same text launched as the only glimmer of hope during the Twitpocalypse blackout that struck Twitterrific.

O trust me, I know. I was fed up of people posting that stupid tweet. If people cared about the twitterrific update, they would be following twitterrific. I don’t care about twitterrific. ReTweeting was clearly abused in this case, where thousands of people retweeted the same annoying tweet that told tens of thousands of people that don’t care about it.

Basically, this blog post is saying how apple is amazing because they pushed through the twitterrific update through the app store in 17 hours. However, I am saying that the update should have been created at least a week before hand, when we already knew about it (and if they don’t know about it, they clearly don’t listen to their users, because there were loads of people talking about it for WEEKS).

Apple can’t be congratulated for doing what they should have been doing. It shouldn’t take that long to push an update through the app store. This clearly just highlights Apple’s app store ideas.

I am just annoyed that twitterrific and Apple are being congratulated for this, when loads of apps that I use never stopped working. Twitterfox, gwibber, s60twitter. I’m sorry, but when you hear that this is going to happen, you change the 2 lines of code that changes the number of bits in the code. Simple.