Google thoughts

I recently watched the Google Wave developer preview video, that is on I had heard about it, but really only heard that it was “Email if it had been invented today”. So I was like “yeah…alright…sounds like a farse”. But, I can tell you, it really will be amazing.

I am embedding the video so you can have a look at it before you read the rest of the post. However, I understand many of you may not want to watch 1:20 of video, but to see the full extent of it you need to. However, to get a small idea of how cool this is gonna be, I would recommend watching maybe half an hour of it. Seriously…do it, you will not regret it. Think of it as being a TV program.

Right, so, I would like to talk about some of the things that were shown in the video, and also a few of my own ideas about how this could be used.

I did not enjoy this, but in Google wave, I would see it all in a much more sensible way. I would see the original email, with the comments everyone had put in it, and I would have to scroll down past “So and so wrote” and “On this date, so and so wrote, to so and so”. It makes so much more sense, saves so much time, and looks so much nicer. This leads on to the next feature.

It also shows potential in other areas – if you watched far into the video, you would see that they played a chess game, and showed you the full game through playback. Not very useful, but still a cool way of showing what could be done

And, if it isn’t “confident” about what you are saying, it allows you to change the word yourself. This is just so cool, and I want this in everything else that I use as well.

Obviously, there are so many things you could use this for. From email, to IM, to document collaboration, to coding in groups, to monitoring twitter and

I also had an idea that incorporates with their “Bloggy” extension. They only used it to send photos to their blog, but you could use it as a full blog editing client. This is cool.

I’d love to see how the Wave would work with RSS feeds as well.

I’m sorry guys, I think this is well over the 1000 character limit, but hopefully that didn’t put you off reading this because I think Google Wave has sooo much potential, and I cannot wait until I can ride the wave. Lets hope it makes my surfing so much more exciting.

p.s If anyone gets into Google Wave, and you have invites…I would LOVE one.