Chrome OS vs Windows???

I saw a magazine in a newsagents today, just before my train left, so I didn’t have time to check it out, but it said on its front page “Chrome OS vs Windows. We put them up against each other and see which is better.”

Now, this is just a short post to say what on earth were they thinking? How can they compare Windows with an operating system that we don’t even have any solid info on it. The ONLY info that we have is that it’ll use the Linux kernel. That is it. So how can you comment on it, and how it is?

They also claimed to have a screenshot of it, which suspiciously looked exactly like gOS. Now, am I missing something, or did Google not say they were making a “new windowing system”. Whether that means an actual windowing system (a competitor to X) or whether it meant just a new Window Manager, either way, the screenshot clearly was Gnome. And it was the same colour scheme, the same number and placement of panels, and the same dock at the bottom as gOS. So, no, it wasn’t Chrome OS, otherwise Google are being stupid.

So, what I am basically saying is, stop putting stupid information that is clearly fake on the front of your magazine just to sell more issues. It is pathetic.