Blog upgrades

You may have noticed there have been a few changes on my blog recently. First of all, and most notibly, it has been down on and off the for the past week, and yesterday and today, it went almost completely down for all of it.

Basically, my hosting provider decided to start to be rubbish. They were a victim of over-selling, and it caught up with them. So, last night, and today, I switched providers. Hopefully this will be much better.

Second of all, you may have noticed a few captchas and the word “OpenID” around the place. This is because I have integrated captchas and OpenID into my blog. Basically, I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments recently, and decided captchas are the way to go. But then, I realised, that people don’t like captchas, so I have set it up so that if you register, you don’t need to do the captchas. But then, I thought, people don’t like registering lots of accounts, and with my recent fascination with OpenID, I integrated the OpenID wordpress plugin into my blog.

Basically, what you can do now, is go to the login page, and enter your OpenID into the 3rd text box. Then you click submit, authenticate with your OpenID provider, and that is it, you are registered on my blog without a password.

A perfect example of how OpenID can and SHOULD be implemented. With my recent blog post on OpenID, and how it isn’t implemented how it should be, I am showing how it should be done, in the hope that people will follow my example. Also, if you don’t have a gravitar, but have an OpenID with an avatar, it’ll use that as your gravatar :)

If you have a wordpress blog, add the plugin to your blog, seriously, it is so useful.