Linux Getting Boring?

Some of you may know my father. He has recently installed Ubuntu on his laptop, which is great, I’ve been bugging him to ditch Windows for ages, and this, I feel, is the first step towards a Windows free home. We’ll just have to wait and see. But the point is, he has been blogging about using Ubuntu, and although he has only had it for a week, it seems quite boring to be honest.

I remember, even last year, people would set up things like this, and they’d be like “Well, I’ve just learnt how to install via the command line.” And then suddenly, the next day it’d be. “I had to recompile my kernel to be able to use ‘X’”. This was really exciting stuff, but Linux seems to be getting quite boring now. It all just works now adays. ALL of his hardware (except the 3G dongle) worked out the box, and the 3G dongle is just 1 change in the config to make it work. The only problem he had was the size of the default partitions. That really is a papercut, and I should add it to the list sometime.

So, is Linux getting boring cause it just works now? Should I move to something else? Haiku perhaps?

Go read his blog btw, I’m sure it’ll get more interesting soon. He will experiment. He will break things. Just wait and see :P