Before the Renaissance

Ok, so, thanks to Shot of Jaq, I heard about OpenOffice Renaissance for Impress. This is basically a complete UI redesign. Now, we all know that Oo.o looks like rubbish. Whether or not the actual program works well, it looks terrible.

So, I’m going to try Renaissance:Impress, however this is going to be a post about what doesn’t work with OpenOffice in general before I try it.

The first problem with Oo.o is that it is an office clone. It is trying to be a free, open version of Microsoft Office. The problem with this is that it really should be an office suite, rather than an Office clone. You should never try and be a better specific application. You should always just make a completely different thing. You can tell by looking at Open Office that it looks exactly like Office. The way everything works is just the same as well.

Why would we try and be the same as something which doesn’t work very well in many different ways? And why would we want to look like a 5 year old version of it, never mind a new version of it? We need to be different.

Impress is a very important thing, because it is the only thing on linux that is in the powerpoint esq. However, it has no decent presentation modes. I want a presentor mode. No, not like powerpoint, maybe like the plugin that you can get for Oo.o, but actually it needs to be included in the default install.

I’m not going to say that Oo.o is big or chunky or bloated. Its not. If you think it is, then don’t use an office suite. Office suites NEED to be large. They have so many functions and they are just so large. However, Oo.o takes a long time to start up.

So, here a few points about Oo.o. Now I’m off to try the Renaissance:Impress prototype. Comment if you have any other ideas.