Video of the Week: RATM, X-factor

Youtube top music videosDiscalaimer: Not safe for work, and not safe for minors or people who don’t like swearing. I like this song, this video is hilarious, but it does include the swearing bit in the song.
Now that I have this out of the way, lets chat about this. Many of you will know that there is an internet meme going around trying to get people to buy RATM’s Killing in the Name of to christmas number 1 so that Joe from x-factor doesn’t get there. It is nothing against Joe, it is against x-factor and the music industry. The fact that everyone has to be the same to be popular. It is rubbish, and I bought a copy of the song yesterday from amazon. My dad told me of someone he knows actually spent £15 buying lots of copies of the song.

Before I give you the video, here is a screenshot of youtube’s top music videos just now.

Now, do you notice anything interesting about that? There is 1 video of Joe’s song, and it is the spotlighted video. The only reason that Joe is on the top music videos on youtube is because they have obviously paid for that. Its stupid. Really is. Also, RATM are currently at the top of the itunes chart just now. I might post a blog post tonight after we hear the winner of the Christmas Number one. But now for the video. Remember, it has swearing in it, but it really is a hilarious video and very very well made.