New Blog Look, New Server

Well, some of you will think that I seem to be changing my blog every second week. Yes, that is true, however this time I have moved it to my own VPS. I shouldn’t be moving it for a long time.

I have been wanting to move my blog to my VPS for a while now, and finally did it today. I changed the DNS a few hours ago, and it seems like a lot of servers have already updated it, but if you have problems with my blog, that is why.

I also have a new theme for my blog. I felt like my old theme was a bit…tacky…and this one is much nicer. It is a gpld theme that I have made some changes to, so I will upload my changes very soon. Bear with me on that one.

Just a few things…if there is something wrong with my theme, please let me know. If there is something that is broken with my site and the domain etc…also please let me know, I’m very new to configuring apache, so I may have got it wrong. Also, if you have any ideas for changes in my theme etc, please let me know. There is no decrease in functionality, I think, so please feel free to enjoy my blog.

Also, the twitter stuff is broken, I know, I’m trying to figure it out.