iPad? What actually is it???

Now, you may be thinking “Man alive…no posts for days, and now a post about that iPad thing.”. Well, yeah, I know, it is shocking. Sadly, there hasn’t been much for me to blog about. I’ve been trying to think of something else, and my mind has been mulling over whether or not to blog about this “iPad thing” constantly for the past week. So…I decided that I would hurry up and post about it so I can free my mind to think about other things. So, I’m just going to talk about random things about the iPad.

What the iPad is not:

The iPad is not an e-book reader. At all. Why would you buy an e-book reader rather than a laptop/netbook? The e-ink screen. It is nice to read, and it is very low power. Weeks of battery life and no strain on the eyes are the main reasons why you would buy an e-book reader. Now lets look at the iPad. No e-ink screen, wouldn’t be good in sunlight (I’d imagine) and would cause strain after reading lots. And battery life – 10 hours. That is not even a full day. It has less battery life than my phone, but it has a similar processor. Therefore, the iPad is not a replacement for an e-book reader. Don’t buy it to read books.

The iPad is not a netbook. Why would you buy a netbook? It is cheap, and almost as functional as a laptop or desktop computer. The iPad is not cheap, and is not as functional as a laptop or desktop computer. There is no advantage to an iPad over a netbook. Expecially if you get one of the new netbooks that can turn into a tablet with a keyboard dock. Yeah, sounds good. £200 please instead of $600. Eeesk.


Ok, so I have gone over what the iPad is not. Now, lets go on to say what is wrong with the iPad.

Yeah, I know, it has been beaten to death, but it is a HUGE issue. Why on earth don’t they have multitasking? Is it Job’s normal speech of “It isn’t powerful enough to run more than 1 app at once.”. Come on Steve, don’t be stupid, my Nokia 5800 can run 3 apps before it starts complaining and it has 128MB of ram. And you are telling me the iPad can’t run more than 1 app because of hardware? Seriously? Well, in that case focus on putting more in it. If you have built something that size that can only run 1 app on it then you need to do more than that. People need multitasking. Want to listen to music and browse the web? Tough… Have a twitter app running while you are reading your email? Nope…

Steve, please listen to people, if my device can only run a certain number of apps, that is fine, let me find out for myself. Don’t say “It isn’t possible.” just let me open as many apps as it is able to. The Palm Pre Plus can run over 50 apps. Are you saying your tablet is less powerful than the Palm Pre Plus? Ok, useful piece of information.

Ok, we all know why this has no camera. It is so they can release the iPad 2 at Christmas. Not much they have to change and suddenly everyone who buys the first one will buy the second one as well. And a bunch of other people who didn’t buy the first because it had no camera will then buy it and they will suddenly have more than twice the number of sales they would have to have. If they put a camera in this one, then SHOCK HORROR they would have to innovate for the second iteration of the device. No way…innovation…

O wait, sorry, there is a camera, but it is an external camera you connect via the dock…spending another £30. Wooooooooo!

Lets be honest, that is a rubbish keyboard. I want to hold it up and type on it. Nah, not gonna work. Unless you hold it with one hand and type with 1. But, that is rubbish. Ok, well lets put it on the table and type. But that won’t work either. Because it has a curved back. So, it’ll just rock backwards and forwards. So, the only way to type on this is to have it on your lap, or connect the keyboard dock (ok, that is another £30 spent). And the keyboard dock looks like it is going to break off…

Why, when you have a screen that is nearl 10″ instead of 3″, do you then keep the same number of homescreen buttons? You would at least have a few more. The homescreen just looks stupid.

You can run your iPhone apps on the iPad! That is great! Except that you get a wee iPhone-sized app running in the middle of your screen. Or you can maximise it, but then it looks like rubbish. So, the iPad has 140000 apps that look like rubbish…

Also, you can only install apps that Apple let you install. Such as firefox, google voice, google maps, kindle e-reader app. Oh, wait, no you can’t. Ok, Yeah, some of those apps don’t exist yet, but the point is that if they were to be made, I would very much doubt they would get into the app store. Hence why they haven’t been made.


So, I have ranted for a while about the iTampon. And I will leave you with a few thoughts. What would you think is the best web-browsing experience? A 10-inch ipod touch, or a core i7 machine with a 30″ monitor, and really nice keyboard and mouse? What would you think the best e-reading experience is? A 10-inch ipod touch, or a kindle-like device? (See my thoughts about them at the top of this). Why are Apple giving statements that have no basis in fact at all?

My final thought is…I’m not buying one of these. I may buy a tablet in the future, but not this device.