The Best of Both Worlds?

Or…yet another edition of my following of e-readers.

This, I have to say, looks like it could be the best yet. And my goodness does it look beautiful. It is called the Notion Ink Adam. It is a 10.1 inch touchscreen device. It includes

Now, if you are not looking at that going “Ok, I want this…” then you are obviously an Apple fanboy. However, all of these features are not why I am spotlighting this e-reader. And many of you may have already realised that this isn’t really an e-reader. It sports the 1 thing that makes it not an e-reader. An LCD screen. Well, the next feature is the one that I am really excited about. Let’s see what Notion Ink say about this next feature.

Dual Display

A full color :LCD transmissive mode; a low-power, sunlight-readable, reflective e-paper mode; and a transflective mode, which makes the LCD display visible in sunlight, all in One! Proprietary Algorithms for automatic brightness control.

Wait…what? Did I read that correctly? Are they saying that this is 1 screen, but 2 screens. It is an LCD screen AND an e-ink screen? Yes…that is exactly what it is saying. This is the first device I have heard of that does this. It is not totally clear when it switches, but it looks like it automatically does it when you open their e-book application. There are questions that pop up if this is the case. What happens if you want a different e-book application from the android market. Will it do the same thing? I’m not sure.

So, with all of these features added up, this is what a tablet should be. Take note apple. iPad 2.0 should be like this. But, of course, your fanboys won’t care, and everyone else will not go back to you cause you mucked up the first version.

The only thing that is confusing me is the battery life specs. They say it has 140 hours of music playback, and 16 hours of HD video playback. Now, I know it has an arm processor, but my phone doesn’t even get through 1 day sometimes. So, we’ll just have to see what happens with this.

I am not sure about pricing, as they don’t mention it. They also just say it will be available in “spring 2010″. So, not sure when, or where, that will be. But I will certanarily keeping track of it. If I hear anything I will keep you posted. Have a look at this video while you are waiting (which you could watch for 16 hours straight on this device supposodly). And look at the picture, it is beautiful.