Being away

Just realised I hadn’t let my blog readers know that I am, in fact, away mostly from the internet for the greater part of 3 months. I came over to the Isle of Arran (on the west coast of Scotland) to help out at a campsite, on the 14th of June and will be here, give or take, until the end of August.

I will be at home at weekends, but that is for my saturday job and so won’t leave me much time to blog.

It is for those reasons that I have not been blogging for the past 5.5 weeks, and will continue to be reasonably absent. I will, however, try and write at least a few posts over the summer. I am currently working on one explaining exactly why I prefer the ideaology of open-source software, as a nice introduction to anyone wondering what it would actually do for them.

In the meantime, I am still tweeting and denting under the username “yamanickill” quite heavily, so feel free to follow me there.

Other than that, have a good summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere).