Why I hate the US government sometimes...

Or “Why backdoors are bad things.”

Heard of the US government saying they want backdoors into web applications? All in the name of terrorism…sorry, in the name of fighting terrorism. It is so they can get access to data that they “need” to stop people blowing other people up. Ok…sure. Lets have a think of a few points about this:

Lets think about this, people are always looking for backdoors in web apps. And they are always there, because no code is perfect. It is quite hard however when noone knows about it. And when it is found, it can be fixed and will not happen again. So, although they will happen, they can be fixed, if a backdoor is in it for the US, do you think Google (for example) will close that backdoor to then open another one? No, they won’t.

If the government want these backdoors, they will want written documentation about how to access information through these doors. Now, we all know that the government are rubbish at keeping information secret (for one thing). They lose information on laptops, cds, usb sticks, the internet all the time. I don’t want information about how to access my private data being lost on a train. Not a good idea.

Also, what about Freedom of Information? If the government has inforamation, and someone asks for that information, they have to release it. (And then, of course, they will put it on wikileaks). I’m not sure if that is true in America, but certanarily if America has the info, Britain will get it as well. They are “allies” afterall, aren’t they? So, let us get the information freed!!! Let the whole world know how to get into my email…

If terrorists are stupid enough to communicate over big web apps, there is no way they will manage to bomb anyone anyway. They are normally cleverer than that. They don’t email each other, or put up a shared evernote note on when their attacks are going to happen. No. They will create encrypted sites that only they have access to, which is not a big web app, is homegrown, and won’t have any backdoors into it. And how are they going to get into that then?

Essentially, like every other policy that governments say, this  has not been thought through, and is just going to cause more and more security flaws in web apps that normal people use, and our data is going to get stolen. It WILL NOT stop terrorists from doing what they are doing.