Previous Android Releases

I understand that the Google people have many more important things to be doing, but personally I feel this is part of Google’s problem. I have been trying to find out about the “history” of android. About when previous android releases were announced, and the source code was released, the gaps between them, and trying to figure out when we could possibly see 2.3/3.0 because of that. I know this isn’t a science, but it is fun anyway.

As far as I can see, there is no “History” page, and the only page dedicated to android releases hasn’t been updated since 1.5 ( The easiest way for me to find this information is using wikipedia:

1.0: 21/10/2008

1.1: 09/02/2009

1.5: 30/04/2009

1.6: 15/09/2009

2.0: 26/10/2009

2.1: 12/01/2010

2.2: 20/05/2010

By my calculations, this would set 2.3 to be released …goodness knows. There seems to be no pattern at all. Thats rubbish. It should be between tomorrow and january.

This is not the point of this post however, the point is that Google need to keep their webpages up to date. Need to have a “history of android” page or something. But noone at Google would ever think about this as they are a company of engineers, as many people have said before.

This is Google’s main problem, thinking about the normal things, the simple things, the little things.