Android Fragmentation with Angry Birds? Really???

This is just a quick post to moan about people talking about Rovio’s problems with Android fragmentation. This is a load of rubbish, it is nothing new with computers.

First, here is a link –

Ok, so what they are saying is that people can’t run it because their phones are too slow. Well, first of all this is true with iPhones as well. Ever tried angry birds on an iPhone 1 or 3? Man alive, its slow. Its terribly slow. So, it clearly isn’t just an Android problem.

Second of all, it is something that happens with computers. Period. Every bought a game? Realised that it has minimum system requirements? Yeah…computer games have always had this. If you build something that is heavy on system resources, or has a lot of graphics and gameplay, it will not run on everything!!! For goodness sake, stop heralding this as a big company admitting that there is Android fragmentation. It really isn’t such a big problem, we just need to make sure games run on phones before you release on them.

Thats it…nothing huge.