Android Marketplace

In the run up to Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” I thought I would post some of my thoughts on what I think Google should do with the Android Marketplace. There have been many calls about Google checking apps before they go into the Marketplace and stuff, but here are my thoughts about the Marketplace:

Currently, if you use Android but don’t get Google Apps, you don’t get the Marketplace. Now, to me, the Marketplace strikes me as quite an important part of Android, and something you’d expect from Android, whether or not you have Google Apps. Yes, I know that you can get other app stores, and you can install apps without it, but lets be honest, most people just put it in the Marketplace and that is that. Especially as there isn’t another way to get apps from the Marketplace if they don’t put them on their website or another app store.

Therefore, I feel that Google should open source it, and make it a core part of Android.

The integration between the running and installed apps, and the marketplace are so obviously close it is unbelievable. You can uninstall apps from the app manager, but you can’t go straight to the marketplace page if it has one. Why not? If you want me to rate it, integrate it into this.

What is the organisation when I search for an app??? There doesn’t seem to be any. Is it by rating, name? Doesn’t seem to be either. I want to find useful apps easier, not just see a random selection of apps. Organise them by ratings from other people? That would be why they are there…no?

Currently, changelogs have to be in the app or in the website. The developer has to program a changelog. They should be able to upload it with the new version of the app, and it be easily accessible from the Marketplace page for each app.

Now these are just my thoughts, and I know its sad to say that probably these will never happen. And because of number 1, we won’t ever be able to edit it and make it better (for example in cyanogenmod). But, I think that if these things were to happen, then people would stop moaning about the Marketplace. Well, ok they wouldn’t, but I’m sure some of them would stop.