Ba ba ba ba ba ba bird...?

Surprise! This is a surprise Video of the Week (it is no ordinary one). It doesn’t have that in the title, that should be your clue! Your second clue should be the song reference in the title…10 points to anyone who has guessed it already. Don’t look down!! Thats cheating. Ach well, noone gets points because you have probably already looked down.

Anyway, lets talk a little about the XFactor before I give you the video (this is what makes it special). Many of you will remember the RATM campaign last year, to take XFactor off the top of the charts. I remember when I was younger, the Christmas number1 was a great time of unknown. Who would become the Christmas number1? Nowadays, we know who it will be the week beforehand, when the xfactor winner is announced. This is a horrible way for the Christmas no1 to have turned out to be. Yet, the campaign last year did nothing to help it. Still, there are no real challengers to the xfactor winner (whoever that might be, I really don’t care, and please don’t tell me…)

So, this is why I am supporting the campaign to get Surfin’ Bird by the Trashmen to Christmas number 1, by buying the single next week (anytime starting 00:00 tonight, until 23:59 next Saturday).

It is, in my opinion, an equally apt song to have for this campaign as Rage Against the Machine’s was last year. The Trashmen revolutionised the music industry in just a few short minutes. It did, however, never reach its true potential in the charts, only reaching number 5 in the UK, and number 4 in the US. It has spawned several cover songs, and a huge following of young people since its inclusion in the seventh season of Family Guy.

It is one of those songs that changed history, and it’ll hopefully do it again.

RATM got 500,000 downloads last year, which made it to number 1. The Facebook group for this campaign has over 600,000 followers so far. If everyone on that page buys it, it is a sinch. But you too can help.

And just incase you aren’t sure, you can also donate to charity through this. Money from this campaign is going towards primarily the RSPB, but also to the British Heart Foundation, and the Pink Ribbon Foundation. But don’t let this be a 1 off charity thing, let it stir you to give to charities regularly. Charities do great work, and any charity that supports this deserves some money…

Whats that you say? You want the video? Ok…enjoy members of RSPB dancing to this fantastic song!

[vimeo 17596178]

Ba ba ba bird bird bird…bird is the…word?

Facebook group (incase you missed it up there ^^^):