Future plans for this blog

If anyone reads this blog, you will realise that I haven’t actually posted much recently. This is mainly cause it has been the busiest part of my year, and partly because I have been thinking about the future of the site and what I’m going to be doing with it.

I have come to the decision that I am going to be splitting up the site into various parts. This domain (http://www.10people.co.uk) will continue to be my technology blog, but this it will only be. All the “about me” stuff will move to http://www.yamanickill.co.uk. I hope this will make it simpler and quicker to get the stuff that I actually want to get out on this blog. I hope to focus more on reviews of things rather than moans and rants like I used to in the first few years of the blog, which I feel I have lost quite a bit.

Like I said, I will set up a new static page at http://www.yamanickill.co.uk which will contain all the information about my computers, and links to all my other sites and social networks etc.

Finally, I have been having a few thoughts about posts that I want to write on a more religious or philosophical topics. Now, I don’t want to put them on this blog as that is not what you signed up for when you follow me. So, I am going to create a new blog (http://www.alistotle.co.uk) which will contain these blog posts.

This should take me a few weeks, and will hopefully be completed by the end of the month at the latest when I leave for my summer trip to the Isle of Arran. I will keep you posted, but if anything is wonky with this site until then, that will be why :-)