Google IO predictions

So, as most of you will probably know, Google I/O kicks off in roughly 4.5 hours, with the Tuesday keynote. And, as I like to predict things, I thought I would do a Google I/O prediction list. What I either think will happen, or things that I hope will be announced. Let me know in the comments what else you think will happen.

  1. Google Music released (don’t think it’ll be released in the UK though, just a feeling).
  2. Google Voice will be released outside the US, probably to only a few countries. Depends where they have managed to get deals with carriers…
  3. Honeycomb 3.1 released, and open sourced. Its about time that honeycomb is open sourced, and I think they have many things they want to fix with a new update.
  4. First peek at Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which will finally unify the tablet and phone interfaces. It’ll be awesome.
  5. Google TV 2. It’ll be much more user friendly and actually usable. I also think they will start to push towards gaming on it as well. It runs android…so why not?
  6. We will see the first mentions of Google Me. It won’t necessarily be a specific social initiative, but mainly the cleaning up of all their fragmented and crap social stuff currently, and a new interface to profiles (which is what  they will called Google Me),
  7. Google will start tying together Google chat (with voice and video) with Google voice, to be a skype competitor. Now that Microsoft have bought skype…
  8. A bunch of awesome Honeycomb apps for tablets.
  9. Final release of Chrome OS will be announced, or will be actually at the event. Not sure which, but certanarily 1 of them. Also, launch partners will be announced. Google still firmly believes they need Chrome OS.
  10. Google docs, Gmail, etc will all get offline storage via html5 offline.


And these are my predictions. Some of them are obvious, some are a little bit dodgy, and a few are totally insane. Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas. Also, yes…I am a Google fanboy, I know this :-) thanks.