US only?

Today, we heard about the long awaited and rumoured Amazon Tablet. Which has finally been named as the Kindle Fire (which, btw, is named after a Voltaire quote, incase anyone is wondering…) The problem is, its US only.

We also heard about the new Kindle Touch, which is an e-ink Kindle with an infrared touchscreen. Looks aweseome. Also has more efficient e-ink (so longer battery life) and larger internal storage. However…its US only.

What is Amazon’s obsession with US only things?

Amazon appstore, Amazon cloud player, Kindle fire, Kindle touch. Many many Amazon products that are only available in the US. Yes, sure, I understand, many other places do this as well and then release to the rest of the world. But, this is a huge thing to not ship to other countries. I also understand why the Fire is not shipping anywhere else, as many of the apps on it are US only. However…can someone tell me why the Kindle touch is US only?

Amazon…we want your products. You aren’t a US only company.