Tech Predictions: 2012

So, I forgot to write this post before the New Year, so its coming out a few days late. But don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten about it totally. Just was very busy.


  1. Amazon release Adwords competitor.
  2. Amazon opens first physical shop in Q4.
  3. High street starts to change into what it’ll be in the future (blog post coming in a few days/weeks, hopefully)
  4. Google starts to drop content businesses, becomes mainly service oriented.
  5. Google TV starts to become popular, people realise how useful it can be. Many new ways of interacting with TVs will be announced and shown off at CES, and many will be released quite soon into the year.
  6. A few point releases of Android, followed by Android 5.0 (Jelly) at the end of the summer
  7. Apple TV (never to become iTV btw…) adds native apps.
  8. Apple releases new iPhone in June, despite 4s only being out for ~8 months at that time.
  9. Wii U released, flops quite spectacularly, like the 3DS.
  10. New Xbox at least hinted at, at E3. Possibly not officially announced, but I think it might be.


So, these are my predictions for this year. I shall write a post going over what I said last year and see what came true etc. I also have my post about the future of the High Street coming up. Both of these will be hopefully soon, but I do have exams coming up, so it might be a week and a bit before they get up. Either way, I’m going to start blogging more again, because I’ve really not been doing much recently.