Tech Predictions Review: 2011

Time for my review of 2011’s tech predictions. Wide range of predictions, from gaming to phones to…well snarkiness. And I think I did not too bad last year. Let’s have a look.

Wii U was announced. Wasn’t released, but I think that counts :-)

Well, I was right about the update. It was quite late in the year, but the Honeycomb update for Google TV made it really nice and useful and fun, and people are starting to like it. But still…not many people are buying it.

Hmmmm. Ok partly right about the first bit. Wrong about the second bit. But technically probably will be right about the last bit? (not the Apple bit though…).

It was. And what an anti-climax that was. I never ended up getting one. Got a transformer instead.

I was right, right and right. But then I was wrong. There was a Macbook refresh. Maybe even 2…can’t quite remember.

Right to start with, but then very wrong. It is nothing similar in look and feel…hello Metro interface.

Nope. Sad times. Sometime though.

Hmmmm. Well, I was wrong about the numbers…but 3.0 and 4.0 should count I’d imagine. Who would have known exactly what would have happened with all this crazy tablet only version of Android and stuff. But I’ll take that as a win.

Hmmmm wow, I was feeling snarky that day wasn’t I. I’ll just leave this one at the side for just now.

Nope, and we didn’t even get Netflix last year :-P In fact, apparently, Hulu just gave up. This is weird, and I wonder whether Netflix got some of these deals and managed to make them exclusive first? Who knows what actually happened. I guess we never will. The whole industry seems to be giving up on Hulu anyway.


All in all, a reasonable year. Lets just look forward to another year of awesome technical innovations. I’m excited. I hope you are too :-)