Changing the iPhone connection port

Or: why this will be a massive mistake for Apple.

So, the world is currently discussing many rumours about the iPhone 5 (yes, again), and just about every ridiculous thing they always do. One of the most common ones is that Apple will be changing the connection port to a smaller one. This may or may not be true (I, for one, know it is happening, but I don’t know for certain what it’ll be like or if it’ll be happening for the next iPhone…and no, I’m not going to tell you how I know it’ll def be happening in the next 2 years or so) but I thought I would discuss why I think this is a very bad idea.

Apple’s business works where you like their products, so you buy their products. Then you buy a whole load of awesome accessories for those products. Then their new product comes out..and you buy that new product because you already have speakers, and a tv cable, and a radio clock, and a computer dock, and a million different cables for it. Then they bring out a different product that uses the same connector and you think “Oh, all these things I have already work with this completely new product” so you buy it again…and then the cycle continues.

This cycle will break.

When Apple change the connector, suddenly everything will be obsolete. Everything. Now, sure, maybe they release a converter as well, but then for your speakers, the iPhone won’t fit right in it, and you need to remember to carry this around with you everywhere. It’ll just be a mess. So really the best thing to do is to buy all new stuff.

Now, Apple are clearly under the impression that people will just buy a new iPhone because they like it. Maybe they will. I’m sure loads will. But there also is involved in this, a huge annoyance. Would you want to go back to that ecosystem when they just moved everything from beneath your feet? Maybe they’ll do it again. They have a history of just wiping the slate clean with their products. It’s not even like companies will continue to make products with the old connector, because Apple license it to them, and they will probably stop licensing it to anyone.

Now, I am all for advances in technology. However, this may just be a smaller version of the connector. If so, that’s massively annoying.

Apple better have some awesome feature that this fulfills that they couldn’t do with the old connector or they are going to annoy a lot of people.