The ethical problem with technology prices

So, you may have noticed that the Nexus Q, Google’s answer to Airplay, has been announced and, in America at least, it costs $299. Compared to Apple TV, that looks like a ridiculous price. Over 3 times more. What makes it so special? Well, in general…nothing. It has a death star look, and has a bunch of leds, but apart from that, nothing.

The main problem appears to be that it is made almost entirely in the US. This obviously meaning that labour costs are a lot higher than if it had been made in China and this appears to have rocketed the cost sky-high.

Now we are approached with a problem. I highly commend Google for doing this and holding their standards above everything else. Or, maybe it’s just that they have had issues with China, who knows. Either way, it still comes down to 1 problem for normal users.

Cheap, or fair?

$99 for something made by Chinese workers who have almost no rights and get very little pay, or $299 for something made by a company in another country who pay a “decent” wage, or at least have higher standards of working conditions.

I honestly do not thing the capitalist system we are living in is going to give room for something 3x as much just so we can feel good about where it comes from. I mean, look at fair trade chocolate. Pay 20p more on a chocolate bar? No way! I don’t care that it means the farmer gets more money, I can’t afford that.

Especially with the fact that we have spent the last 20/30 years with technology getting cheaper and cheaper. Now we pay more?


I just don’t think it’s going to happen. What do you think?