Tech Predictions 2015

We are halfway through the decade, and it appears I forgot to do one of these last year. In a few days, I will do a review of the last few years and what I got right and wrong, and will go over the ones in the decade one that have come true.

For now, let’s think about the coming year. We have lots to look forward to:

  1. Amazon buy delivery company in the UK

    Pretty simple, I think that Amazon need to (and will) buy one of the delivery companies in the UK. Or at least try to (it might be blocked by regulators because of anti-competitive practices). The reason being that their weakest point is the delivery companies. I live 5 minutes from an Amazon distribution centre, yet I have had several things get lost in the post over the Christmas period.

  2. Sony splits up into 2 companies

    The Playstation arm of Sony is the best bit of the company, and they realise (after the hack) that splitting up would be ideal for the whole company.

  3. Apple bring out a new iPod classic

    It’s not exactly the same, obviously. It is pretty much an iPod touch without the touch screen and with a lot more storage. They realise there is a market for an audio player with several hundred gigabytes of storage. It will be quite expensive due to the cost of flash storage, but the lack of a touch screen (and using the same design as the original iPod classic) will help mitigate that a bit.

  4. Google announce their self-flying planes

    Built on their self-driving car technology, incorportaing proper radar, and connecting to the other planes, Google will plan to integrate this into all planes within the next 10 years.

  5. Nintendo announce ability to connect 3DS to Wii U

    It is far too soon for a new games console. N3DS was released in 2014, and Wii U was released in 2012. However, to get us used to the new idea of their upcoming games console release (in a few years time), they will allow us to connect multiple 3DS to the Wii U which can be used instead of (or as well as) the gamepad.

  6. Microsoft sell off Xbox division

    Either to another company, or spin it off separately. This includes all of their gaming stuff, including Minecraft. Everyone celebrates.

  7. OnePlus get bought by OPPO

    It turns out they were just a PR stunt, and the CEO (former VP at OPPO) is brought back to OnePlus. This will be near the end of the year, after their second phone has been released, and is quite popular.